Paintball Lite

Photo of kids playing Paintball Lite

What is Paintball Lite?

Paintball Lite is our name for Low Impact Paintball (some have called it Splattball). These paintballs are engineered with a special formulation that breaks easier on impact at low speeds resulting in a splatt.  This is a perfect start for younger players, beginners, or adults who want less sting but the same fun of paintball.

You must register with a group of 8+ on the weekend, or 12+ midweek because we put you on your own field with a private referee to keep you away from the regular paintballers.

Less sting more fun!

Register to Play


Can I walk on, or do I need to be part of a group/party?

Sorry, but we do need a full eight players or more as a single group, because we need to provide you with a private referee since everybody else at the complex is playing Paintball, not Paintball Lite. The private Paintball Lite referee is for your safety.

We can handle groups of up to 100 players with a reservation and a little notice! Please book a party using our reservation system

  • FOR PLAY ON A WEEKEND– 8+ players? use our reservation system or shoot us an email or call for assistance. If you don’t find the day/time you want available contact owners and we will try to accommodate you.

  • FOR PLAY DURING THE WEEK –  Contact us by phone or email to reserve the park just for your party for groups of 12 or more people for silver or gold package pricing.

What is the difference between Paintball and Paintball Lite

This is the number one question players and parents ask. Quick answer – LESS STING!

A paintball travels at close to 285-300 feet per second, while a Lite Paintball travels at 150-180 feet per second, so about 40 – 50% less velocity.

In addition, the ammo is roughly 1/3rd the size of a normal paintball, so the energy impact that is in Lite ammo is significantly less than that of a paintball.

The markers (guns) look very similar to paintball guns however there are some subtle differences of hopper size and barrel size that are not too noticeable. So to the novice player the equipment looks just like the “real paintball”. 

Can I rent equipment

YES! Our basic rental package prices are the same for Regular Paintball and Paintball Lite. Rental package for the day and includes a paintball marker (gun) hopper, mask, compressed air tank and paintball pod belt.

You can also rent items individually including vest/chest protector, pod belts, tanks  or markers (guns). See Pricing page for package deals and ala cart pricing.

Optional Rental Clothes– Military jumpsuits/shirts and pants available for only $6 each to simply slip over your own clothes . Let us do the wash and you will come out clean!!

Optional Purchase for safety –Armored fingerless gloves, neck guards. and masks are also available for purchase at the pro shop!

Is there an age limit?

The recommended minimum age is 8 years old or older!

HOWEVER……we have many adults who prefer to play Paintball Lite (LOW IMPACT) so its appropriate for both young and old!

This is a perfect start for younger players, beginners or adults who want a little less intense game.

You will only play against other Paintball Lite players and not in same game as Regular Paintball.

What should I wear?

Covering most of your skin will be “less sting” when you get shot.

  • Baggy clothes are best (tight leggings are not recommended)
  • Hoodies are a good choice.
  • Old clothes preferred since you will be getting dirty!
  • Closed toe supportive shoes or boots required.

Optional –Rental Military jumpsuits/shirts and pants available for only $6 each to simply slip over your own clothes .Let us do the wash and you will come out clean!!

Will the Paintballs stain my clothes or skin?

The paint “splats “are a badge of honor but when you go home you can get your clothes clean by a quick wash in your standard laundry machine.

Paint will come off the skin easily with soap and water. Paintballs are non-toxic, water soluble and non-caustic.

Optional -Rental Military jumpsuits/shirts and pants available for only $6 each to simply slip over your own clothes. Let us do the wash and you will come out clean!!


What if it rains?

We play RAIN or SHINE!!

After all, it’s always more fun to play in the rain and the mud.

(No refunds for weather)


Does it hurt if you get hit by a Paintball Lite?

When you get hit by a Paintball Lite  it may sting a little. Some people have compared it to getting a snap from a rubber band.

Many people consider getting shot at to be the adrenaline rush part of the game. You can also wear thicker or layered clothing, to cushion the hit.

  • Optional –Rental Military jumpsuits/shirts and pants available for only $6 each to simply slip over your own clothes 

10 foot rule – We have a strict rule of no shooting closer than 10 feet from your opponent. More distance means less pain!