Cancellation Policy

Reschedule, Refund and Cancellation Policies

At Gladiator Entertainment, we know that sometimes real life gets in the way of having fun. So, we have created this easy to understand reschedule and cancellation policy.

If something comes up, the easiest way is to reschedule with no penalty. This lets you get issues sorted out and then come back out to the park and party!

However, if you do need to cancel, we have a sliding refund scale based on how much notice you give us. Please see the chart below.

Gladiator Refund Policy Matrix

Why we don’t offer refunds for last-minute cancellations:

1. Ensuring fairness: Our limited party bay space means that when a party reservation is made, we turn away other potential customers to accommodate your group. Last-minute cancellations result in lost opportunities for us to serve other customers who were interested in booking their special day with us.

2. Preparations and resources: From organizing equipment to allocating staff members, we meticulously plan and allocate resources in advance based on the number of confirmed bookings. A last-minute cancellation disrupts this planning process and can lead to unnecessary expenses on our end.

3. Commitment to quality: We strive to provide the best experience for every birthday party at Gladiator Entertainment. By upholding our cancellation policy, we can maintain the quality of service by ensuring that all necessary arrangements are in place well in advance.