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Airsoft is a competitive team shooting sport in which players simulate real military situations and try to eliminate opposing players with plastic BBs. These BB’s are shot via replica air weapons called airsoft guns. Although very similar to paintball in concept and gameplay, airsoft pellets do not typically leave visible markings on their target, and hits are not always apparent. 

Airsoft games mock a military simulation using replicas of real world gear. This is a bit different than paintball and paintball lite requiring different guns, different gear and different type ammo. 

Gameplay is changed through out the day and varies between games, military situations and organized scenarios. 

Register to Play
When can I come play Airsoft and how many people do I need to play?


  • 1- 7 People in your group:
    • General Public Airsoft   Available every Sunday  (this is when most people play, however if you have a group of 5 or more and want to play on a Saturday you are always welcome to come that day too.)
    • Reservation Required? It is best to make a reservation to guarantee your play but you can call us the day of to see how many are playing that day too!
    • We will have a General Public Airsoft Referee assigned to the Airsoft Sundays provided there is a big enough group registered.
  • 8 -100 People in your group
    • Just use the AIRSOFT Reservation link and “book a party” for your group. 
    • This will ensure you have your own ref and we are expecting you!
    • You can book on any day/time that your group would like if you have 8 or more players.
    • Please note we have limited AIRSOFT guns at this time so players will need to be self equipped.
Required Equipment to Play

Required equipment to play:

  1. Mesh mask + goggles or Full face mask. (no gators or face covering are allowed in place of a mask regardless of age) We have all of these supplies at the pro shop available for purchase if you do not have them.
  2. Barrell bag MUST be on gun at all times when not on field. We have them for purchase at the pro-shop for $7.99 if you need one.
  3. Ref – you must have a ref with you unless otherwise cleared by the owners.

Gladiator Rules include but not limited to the following 

(ALL RULES WILL BE ENFORCED) – We want to ensure a safe and fun playing environment.

  • ALL airsofters will wear full seal goggles or glasses and some sort of metal or plastic lower face mask (no cloth face coverings regardless of age). 
    • You may NEVER under any circumstance remove you googles, lower face mask or full mask while on the playing field
    • If you have a problem with you equipment you must LEAVE THE PLAYING area or ask a ref and they will provide a safe area for you to remove your mask.
  • ALL Non-hpa guns are required to shoot less than 400 Feet per second.
    • Excluding bolt action sniper rifles, see sniper rules below.
  • Snipers may be used only if they are single shot bolt action rifles.
    • no semi or full auto capability AT ALL. 
    • snipers must shoot less than 425 feet per second AND have a minimum 75 feet engagement distance
  • LMG builds such as RPK, M240B, and M60 etc that have only full auto capabilities may be used but are restricted to 1second trigger pulls and I second reset period (most commonly known as burst fire). 
    • LGM style rifles that have both semi and auto capabilities are restricted to semi only
  • All HPA guns are required to shoot 360 FPS or less and must be tournament locked.
    • HPA’s are also limited to 30 RPS  (no exceptions) 
  • 10 Foot Minimum engagement distance for all guns (except snipers) – 
    • Some games will not have the 10 foot minimum engagement distance rule. If this is the case you will be notified by your ref or your leader at the start of your game. 
      • During the game there will be no bang bang or surrender rules.
      • If your not ok with this please sit out this game until the 10 foot rule is established again.
  • Sound Grenades (thunder B etc) have a kill radius of 10 feet. Grenades that expel projectiles to NOT have a kill radius of 10 fee due the fact that BBs, clay fragments etc will hit the player, getting them out.
  • Dummy Grenades (grenades that are neither noise makers or expel projectiles are prohibited from use)
  • Before throwing your grenade you are required to yell “GRENADE”
  • Gun hits do NOT count. If you get shot in the gun you simply yell “GUN HIT”
  • No BLIND FIRE – you must be aiming down sighted when shooting (hip fires is now allowed)
  • Riot shields are allowed for use however the uses must expose feed while moving animist aim down sights while shooting. If you are caught breaking these rules you will be restricted from using a riot shield.
  • Barrell Bags – Must be on the gun at all times outside of the playing area.
    • Gloves, plastic bags and other makeshifts barely covering devices are prohibited from use. 
    • If you do not have one you must purchase one at the pro shop for $7.99
  • Gladiator Paintball and Airsoft Park will NOT TOLERATE foul language, physical/verbal altercations or cheating. 
    • Anyone found breaking any of these above rules will get a strike on their armband.
      • 3 strikes and you will be removed from the park without a refund
      • Fighting is immediate 3 strike offense  
      • Gladiator staff have the right to move to immediate 3 strike if the offense is severe. Our goal is to ensure as safe and fun playing environment.
Does it hurt when you get hit?

The plastic BBs are apox 6mm in size and the ability to “feel” the BB depends on several factors:

  1. where you get hit
  2. do you have protected gear in that spot
  3. what distance were you hit.

Most of the time the gear protects you and you may feel it but most likely will not hurt worse that a rubberband snapping you. Your required eye goggles and face mask protect your eyes and face. 

Do I have to buy BBs from Gladiator?

The good news for you—-as new owners we have recently changed our policy and will no longer require you to purchase our BB’s.  AND…. the even better news is we have started carrying your favorite brands of BB’s and will have a full stock when you need to replenish your supplies! Just visit the PRO SHOP if you run low and we can get you all set up!

How much does it cost per person?

Just $25 entry fee for the entire day, unlimited air and unlimited games. 

Do I need to sign a waiver each time?

All waivers are signed electronically via our website. No paper waivers are at the park!

Less paper,   less mess,   more efficient check in!

  • Please sign your waiver each day you come. It can be done in under a few minutes on our website. Look for the button that says SIGN WAIVER.
  • It will speed up the check in process and get you playing quicker if you do it before you come that day!
  • AGE – If you are under 18 a parent will need to fill out/sign your waiver for you. Put the waiver under the minors name and the parent signs.
Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes!! You should bring all of your own gear. We have a great Pro Shop with the most popular items if you forget anything or simply want to upgrade your equipment.

Can I rent gear and equipment?

At this time we have a limited supply of AIR SOFT RENTAL GUNS. If you need one please make a reservation and note in the reservation you would like to reserve a gun. 1st come 1st served! We are working on increasing our inventory soon!

What are the recommended ages for Airsoft?

Airsoft can be played by kids as young as 8 to adults.


Where will Airsoft play if Paintball is also playing?

We have 10.3 acres and 9 different fields to spread out! The Referees will keep at least 1-2 empty playing fields between Paintball players and Airsoft players at all times.

Chrono Speed for Airsoft?

All non-hpa guns are required to shoot less than  400 FPS (excluding bolt action sniper rifles) see rules for more info on sniper rifles

Do you offer any Airsoft Events

Yes we have Kill House Event that was postponed in April due to the Corona Virus outbreak. We will reschedule and this event once we are reopen. Plus we will be adding many more Airsoft events throughout  the year. Make sure and check the calendar.

What if it Rains?

We play RAIN or SHINE!!

After all, it’s always more fun to play in the rain and the mud.

(No refunds for weather)

Do you accept credit cards

We accept all major credit cards & Apple pay & and of course good ole’ cash!

Photo of Airsoft group after match
Photo of Airsoft players

Gladiator is excited to have regular Airsoft games each month!   We are here FOR YOU!

Photo of Airsoft player wearing armor