Photo of kids playing GellyBall
Photo of family at Gellyball party
Similar to Nerf but cooler! For ages 4 and up these tiny water-filled balls (orbees) come out of an electronic plastic guns with very low impact. We have a brand new turf field with blow up bunkers for extra soft play. This is not just for the kiddos! It is great for both young and old to run around and play! 
For just $25 per player you will get a mask, a rental gun and 2 canisters of 700 gellyballs each. Thats 1400 gellyballs to shoot at your friends and family per player. If thats not enough, grab another canister of 700 balls at the Gladiator Pro Shop for $5 each or another 5 canisters for a discounted $20.
PARTY: We offer 2 hour parties for Gellyball that includes a ref and organized play for one hour and then free play (no ref) and party time for ice cream cake and presents for the last hour. Minimum of 8 people for a party.
DROP IN: Don’t have 8 friends with you but want to just drop in an play with a few people? We do our best to accommodate any drop ins for the same price above. However, for drop ins we may not be able to give you a referee. But don’t worry we will get you all set up and make sure you have all the rules and make sure your safe!


Join us once a month during the summer for Friday Night Glow Gellyball. It is the same Gellball that you love during the day, but now it is at night with Glow-in-the-Dark Gellyballs!