Speedball is one of three distinct game variants in the sport of paintball. Woodsball and scenario paintball are the other two. It is a general term for a game in which the playing field is composed of bunkers, of the same location and number on each side of the field, that provide an equal playing field for each team competing.

At Gladiator Paintball Park, we have a speedball field we call Freedom Field. Our field playing surface is 25,000 sq. ft. of high grade synthetic turf. 48 red/white/blue official 2018 NXL bunkers sit inflated on the turf. There is a dead box at each end of the field. This is an area that players use for protection after they are out of the game.

Speedball is a very fast, high adrenaline filled game. Typical games are 3-5 minutes long with 3-7 players per team. Participants are known to shoot 500-1000 paintballs per game! We also have many pump players using this field (They can play a full day on 500 paintballs). Players sprint, slide, and dive from bunker to bunker. It’s also a very exciting game to watch. Players are yelling things like Dorito 2, carwash, maya, snake insert, center 50 and all sorts of other names referring to the shape of the bunker their opponent is hiding behind. Great team communication is a big factor in this type of paintball.

Photo of inflatable Speedball course