New Owners / More Fun / Game On


It’s approaching 4 years since we purchased the park and Bobby and I are so grateful for the people we have met along the way and the support our community has shown us.

For those who don’t know us: In February 2020, Bobby and Tracey Poole purchased Gladiator Paintball Park. Tracey and Bobby jumped at the opportunity to own a paintball park and have grand visions of bringing new ideas & new experiences while maintaining the fun foundation this park was built on.

Even Though Paintball was not a normal pastime for either of us, we felt we could make a difference and create a super cool/fun space for the community to come. Bobby is a natural kid at heart and Tracey loves the outdoors and meeting new people so it was a great fit from the start.

Gladiator has become our “labor of love” and over the past 4 years it has been on a facelift journey. We are very proud of what it is today. But, we are not done, there’s more to add, more to clean, perfect and improve.

The focus has shifted from “just a paintball park”, to a very unique family fun center. We have kept Paintball and Paintball light, of course, but in the last 4 years we have added

● Axe throwing,
● A dedicated Airsoft day each week
● Gellyball for ages 4-94
● 2 Gellyball Playing Fields
● Bounce House
● Viewing Tower for friends and family to watch their players
● Shooting booth
● Shooting Target area
● Snack Bar (+ beer/wine sales)
● A designated kid-friendly play area
● New turf in the kids area
● Re-painted party bays
● Remodeled the entire gun shed inside and out

If that sounds like a lot, it is! We are tired, but determined to continue on this improvement path. Exciting news: we will be re-branding in 2024 as Gladiator Entertainment. This name will more accurately describe who we are and where we are going!

Before we owned a Paintball Park, Bobby spent his days as a top selling Realtor. He still manages to do both jobs! Tracey has since retired from Nursing in 2022 after a 30+ year career at the local Hospitals and now is able to work full time for Gladiator.

Thank you for an awesome 4 years. We will continue to do our best. Gladiator appreciates our loyal customers and look forward to making new friends. Stop by, say hello and introduce yourself!

Fun fact, did you know Gladiator has been in existence for 16 years? Let’s keep it going 🙂


Tracey & Bobby Poole, Owners