Hitman Time Trials

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This is the perfect attraction for those who are looking to improve their aim, or simply those who want to shoot but NOT GET SHOT BACK!! 
New Air Powered Shooting Range with 83 targets with graduating difficulty. Come try the course with your paintball gun or Airsoft gun, or rent one of ours. 
Think your pretty fast? We will enter your name in the leader board to compare your speed against others in your age range all over the United States.   
There are only 3 of these time trials in California! (one in Salinas, one in San Diego and one right here in your backyard at Gladiator Paintball Park!
Will send mulitple pictures and video
Cost- Just a $5 add on with paid admission to park for unlimited runs. 
Not playing Paintball but want to shoot Targets? Just $25 for unlimited runs, Rental gear/gun, &250 paintballs. 
Stay all day and just grab more paintballs as needed.