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Zombie Hunt 2022

October 15, 2022 @ 7:00 PM 11:00 PM PDT

$10 – $25 Depending on scare level

$25 Zombie Hunt (8 and up)
$25 Glow in Dark Gellyball Play or Target Practice (5 years old to Scardey Cat adults)
$5 Bounce House (Added on to any of the above choices)
$10 Bounce House Only

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Make your way on a mission throughout the 10 acres armed with a ZOMBIE GellyBall Blaster the entire time!! You will ward off the ZOMBIES at every turn while you try to collect serums and other necessities to make it out alive.

  • Feel free to dress up in any Halloween costume (optional) but make sure you can move quickly away from the ZOMBIES!
  • But don’t worry, the ZOMBIES STILL can NOT shoot back at you!

We are sending groups of 30 courageous ZOMBIE fighters in at a time. Sign up individually or with a group of family and friends.

Did you survive the Hunt? Grab a t-shirt to prove to all your friends! Available for purchase at the Pro Shop.

Zombie Hunt 2022 Calendar image


OPTION 1 – Ages 8 to Adults

Zombie Hunt is fun for kids 8 and up, teens, college age, Moms, Dads and above! Due to the projected higher “Fright Level” for this year’s Zombie Hunt, we suggest care is taken when deciding if your child can handle the scary content. Where these are only suggested guidelines, parents may determine if younger child is age appropriate. If a parent/adult determines their child (under 8 years old) is mature enough to attend the hunt they must always accompany them.

GellyBall Zombie Hunt Night

OPTION 2 – Ages 5 to Scardey Cat Adults

We recognize that all the fun shouldn’t just be for ages 8 and up! So, we have created an alternative NON-SCARE ZONE for the littles with 5 options. Parent/Adult must accompany any child 8 years old and under in this area. Parent/adult may play with children or watch child play.

    1. PLAY GELLYBALL with other kids/adults with glow-in-the-dark gellyballs. Run around the blow-up bunkers on AstroTurf field shooting others. Nothing scary will jump out at you, but you may get hit with gellyballs (low impact-orbies). Field lit with blue lights and ref supervising play to ensure safety. Layered clothing recommended. 100% outdoors. Fees on registration page.
    2. SHOOTING RANGE – don’t want to get hit in a gellyball game in the option above? Visit our all new shooting booth with targets that light up. Test your aim without getting hit with any balls. Referee supervising play. Layered clothing recommended. 100% outdoors. Fees on registration page.
    3. BOUNCE HOUSE – Come jump to your hearts content with the other kiddos. This is another non-scary option! Gladiator employee supervising for safety. Fees on registration page.
    4. MOVIE – Join a Halloween movie that will roll continuously throughout the night (free of charge!)
    5. SNACK BAR– enjoy a large assortment of snacks, s’mores, and hot coco by the bon fire. (snacks/food/drinks available for purchase).
Night GellyBall Glow in the Dark
GellyBall Shooting Booth Image


  • Waivers to participate MUST be signed. (Waivers good for 1 year)
  • Please allow 45 minutes- time to check in, receive your group’s safety instructions, and information on the hunt and perform the hunt.
  • The entire park/hunt is outside taking place in the evening. Dress accordingly & wear good closed toed shoes to walk through the 10-acre park.
  • Please let us know ahead of time if assistance is needed. ADA compliant.
  • If you want, you can plan on staying at the park after your ZOMBIE experience to watch a PG Halloween movie that will roll continuously and enjoy snacks and S’mores that are available for purchase.
  • The Park closes at 11 p.m.
  • RESERVATIONS suggested.
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