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Race to 2 Speedball Tournament – 4 Man

April 18, 2021 @ 8:00 AM 5:00 PM PDT

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Tournament Format:

  • 4 Man
  • Race to 2
  • 10.2 BPS for Electronic 
  • Uncapped Semi Mechanical 


Semi Finals and Finals will be a Race to 3



$60 per player (Teams: each player registers independently but picks the same team name)

4 players minimum per team (maximum 5 players per team)

14 team Maximum

Sign up as a single player in need of a team or as a team (make sure to put your team name in or request you need a team)

$5 off midgrade paint

$6 off high grade paint


Cash Prize for 1st place team  (amount split by team) + free entry and free air + cases of high grade paint

Cash Prize for 2nd place Team +  (amount split by team) + free entry and free air + cases of mid grade paint.


  • Electronic guns must be capped at 8 BPS (Balls Per Second)
  • 4 players vs 4 players
  • Race to 2 
  • Score points by touching the opponents start gate
  • You have 5 minute games
  • First and Second place finishes only

How team system works

    • 4 players maximum on the field per team
    • You may have up to 5 people rostered on the team
    • If you have NO TEAMMATES No problem!  Pay $60 per player and you will be selected on a random pick up team.


  • PICK UP TEAM PLAYERS can request teammates.


How Point Systems work

  • Each team starts at a starting gate
  • Each player’s barrel must be touching the start gate before the game starts
  • Touch the opponent’s start gate to get a point
  • 5 minutes each points 


Penalty Definitions

Minor Penalty

  •     When a minor penalty is committed the player who committed the penalty and one of their teammates will be eliminated.

Major Penalty

  •    When a Major penalty is committed the player and 2 of his teammates will be be eliminated

Player Suspension

  •  If a player wipes a hit or is being very rude to the referees,  the player will be suspended for 1 match
  • All electric guns must be capped at 5.5 BPS (Balls Per Second) – Minor Penalty
  • Barrels must be touching start spool before game start or player will be eliminated
  • Away Teams MUST wear armbands or players without them will be eliminated
  • False Star- Minor Penalty
  • If dead players talk with the acception of the word “Hit” it will result in   Minor Penalty
  • Teammates who talk on the sidelines will result in   Minor Penalty
  • Any uncalled obvious hits will result in    Major penalty
  • Uncalled Hopper, Gun , pod pack hits will result in a  Minor Penalty
  • Players that get the point with any kind of hit will result in a reverse point.  (other team point)
  • Wiping will result in automatic losing the point and player suspension
  • Teams get 2 minute break times between points
  • After each points teams switch sides
  • Arguing or failure to obey the referee will result in   Minor Penalty
  • Out of bound players are eliminated
  • Blind Firing will result in a Major Penalty
  • Failure to wear mask will result in   Minor Penalty
  • Over shooting    Major Penalty  (Shooting players when they’re walking off unless it is crossfire.  Or shooting more than 4 hits in 2 seconds
  • Moving any bunkers intentionally moved will result in a Minor Penalty
  • Acting like a dead player will result in  Minor Penalty
  • Aggressive behavior will result in player suspension
  • Friendly fire and gun hits are eliminations

$60 per person entry fee
Gladiator Paintball Park
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
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