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Airsoft Kill House 2023

March 19 @ 8:00 AM 5:00 PM PDT

$35 per person
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Welcome to Gladiator Park’s
2nd Airsoft Kill House event!


Event information

The Event Location:

Offsite on the Base – You will battle on the ALPHA 1 range. A 25+ room, 4 story brick kill house! A maze of halls, doors, and stairwells make this the ultimate training facility! There is a basement, and attic, a 3rd story outside deck, and 2 other floors. Rooms have doors, windows, and closets. This will be a CQB as well as an attack and defend event. Did I mention the underground tunnel system? Find it, use it, don’t get lost in it!

The Plan:

We are Recruiting only 60 players. So spread the word and invite your friends – Earlybirds get the spots! Prior registration required. No sign ups the day of.

The Details:

Players will meet at Gladiator Park between 8:00am and 8:30am to check in. An 8:45 am sharp, morning briefing is mandatory. Every player must have completed their online waive prior to arriving at the park. After the briefing, all players will be led through the base in a car pool caravan manner. You will be passing all kinds of military facilities, drill areas, and many firing ranges. In order to drive your vehicle in the caravan, you must have the following documentation on your person; Valid Drivers lic, up to date auto ins., current auto registration.


We encourage as many car pools as possible. We also encourage you to get your gear as ready as you can the night before.


Do not open your gear bags at the park. Just put your gear in the 2 trucks when you arrive. It will be in the caravan and meet you at the park. This will give you more game time at the facility. DON’T BE LATE. If you are not there for the briefing at 845 you can not attend! Caravan will depart at 9am sharp. Miss the briefing/caravan and YOU WILL MISS THE EVENT!

Set Up & What to bring:

When we arrive at the kill house, there will be areas to set up your gear. Feel free to bring easy ups, chairs, food & drinks.

Schedule for the day: Games will begin as soon as you are ready to play. Last game will start at 1:30pm. We will all caravan back to the park at 2:30. You are free to play at the park until 4pm.

Event Rules:

Please read and adhere to the rules to ensure that everyone has a great time and that these events can continue on a regular basis.

  • No using smoke bombs in house
  • No chucking grenades at players. Only toss grenades in rooms. Must yell grenade!
  • No full auto in house. Semi and burst is allowed.
  • Do not open any floor/ceiling hatches.
  • 20/25 gram bb’s only
  • BB’s must be bought at the event. No outside BB’s allowed.
  • Riot shields are allowed but you must expose yourself when shooting from your riot shield.
  • Grenades have a 10 foot, kill radius. Only solid cover will protect you from the blast.
  • Please bring foam ear pieces to protect your ears from loud grenades.
  • Full eye goggles and lower mesh (you will be shot within close range)
  • No mesh goggles.
  • There’s no minimum engagement. No surrender rule. A player may surrender himself, and exit the game.
  • Call your hits (cheating is not allowed, if you are caught cheating. you be ejected from the event without refund!
  • For any misconduct, you will have three strikes until you are ejected from the event.Examples of misconduct are as follows:
    • Verbal argumentative fighting.
    • Excessive aggression towards players or referees.
    • Not calling hits.
    • Shooting referees
    • Arguing with referees
  • Physical fighting is cause for immediate ejection from event without refund.
  • FPS limited is at 400 FPS.
  • No blind firing.
  • Alert a referee, immediately, if you have an issue with any other players.
  • There aren’t any camo restrictions. Colored bands determine teams.
  • No 40 mike grenades.
  • Shotguns and grenade launchers are allowed.
  • HPA allowed (psi needs to be adjusted to low setting.)
  • Above all, don’t be a SALT. Everyone is here to have a GREAT TIME.

Enjoy your day at Gladiator Park!

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