Medical professional and Gladiator Owner Tracey Edwards RN, BSN, PHN (with 29 years of experience), is overseeing covid-19 precautions and is visually screening for illness at the park

COVID-19 UPDATE – we care about your safety!


Things we are doing at Gladiator Paintball Park to help keep you and our staff safe:

  • Temperature checks at the door for EVERYONE (staff and players)
  • Anyone with a fever or ANY other signs of illness will be asked to leave immediately
  • Luckily we are on 10.3 acres all outside which allows us to stay open!
  • Ample hand sanitizer available at pro shop and gun shed
  • We are operating at 50% capacity, so once we reach capacity we will not allow further entry for the day…So come early! 
    • Players that have reservations will be admitted before walk-ins if capacity levels get close to reaching maximum 50% at a given date/time
  • Plexiglass at both registers to protect all
  • 6 feet markers on ground during check in process
  • Additional stringent cleaning of equipment, masks and any supplies handed out. Additional wipes will be handed out upon request prior to putting mask on.
  • Masks are required (Paintball masks count!) or,
    • For those who want an EXTRA layer of protection we are selling brand new masks still in the wrapper for $20 for you to use and keep forever. This is optional if you do not want to rent our clean masks 
  • As always -please shoot from 10 feet away so we can all stay safe!


CDC Covid 19 Paintball guidance poster
Image of Corona virus